The defining characteristics of ‘place’ exist far beyond the physical and visual; places are alive with the social, cultural, economic and natural qualities that are woven together, accumulating in civic life. Our masterplanning and urban design team provide design solutions for the development of these characteristics within urban areas, cities and regions.

To design a destination where appeal and value endure, which enhances prosperity and is an attractive place in which to live and work, a multi-faceted approach to design is essential. PTM emphasise the integration of market analysis, urban design, infrastructure engineering and delivery strategy in the preparation of our masterplans, ensuring that our solutions are economically viable whilst simultaneously environmentally and socially responsive. We lead multidisciplinary teams to produce the highest quality masterplans for a range of sectors.

PTM' team is composed of experienced architects and urban designers embedded in a multidisciplinary firm, with proven strengths across a range of disciplines. We thrive on the innate complexity of masterplanning projects and take on challenges from private and public sector developments across the world.

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